From national cyclists-cum-guides, a programmer to paper pusher, at Gnarly we’re all adventure loonies who know our stuff really well. We’re here to get you to the most spectacular places on earth on your Himalayan trip.



Shyam Limbu

Co-founder / Guide


I started Mountain biking since 2010 and have been hooked ever since. Over the years, I have been privileged and honored to have met some of the best people in the world who are into this beautiful sport of mountain biking. I have been to places where I would have never reached had it not been for mountain biking. It’s a beautiful world out there. I love Mountain biking every aspect!

Professional Mountain bike Guide
Certified Wilderness First Responder by National Outdoor Leadership School, USA
Certified Trail Leader by Mountain bike leadership Award
Gnarly SQUADRON leader

Anuj Adhikary

Anuj Adhikary

Co-founder / Programmer

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Saria and Avantika with Gnarly – Photo by Anuj Adhikary

Saria Sato Bajracharya



I am Saria. I am half Japanese, but been living in Nepal since childhood. I am 18 and love everything that relates to mountain biking. Bicycle has always been my means of transport, be it for commuting to school or workplace. I ride during the weekends with Gnarly, and the team has allowed me meet new people with whom I have been able to share my passion for biking. Today, my pedals have become the guru of my life; the climbs on steep uphill and rides through tricky off-road always challenge my personal fortitude in daring to achieve my potential. Similarly, the relish from riding downhill helps me taste the essence of satisfaction after hard work.

Besides biking, I love doing creative works of art. I enjoy painting, doodling and making origamis. I am an IB Diploma graduate, and will be joining a college this fall either in the US or Canada for my further studies. My academic interests range from Genetic Biology to Gender Studies to Anthropology. Currently, I also work with Portal (Prefab) in helping rebuild homes for the earthquake victims in Nepal.
Interesting fact: I can count the number of movies I have watched just within my two hands. I have actually slept at the movie hall while watching World War Z.

I look to inspire more women to enjoy the freedom that comes from a set of wheels.

Mountain biking in the Annapurna region of Nepal Himalayas

Avy Gurung