Enduro Thin Air

Enduro Thin Air

” Have ridden around the world in various bike parks and natural trails, i ended up in Nepal for a race some years ago. I had, like i think most of us do, a picture of the country in my head, and it did for sure not disappoint upon arrival. 

All the stuff you had imagined came true. Arriving at +4000 meters to have a nice cup of tea, meeting the Yak oks, seeing postcard pictures wherever you looked, experiencing the amazing people of KagBeni, and above all, the fantastic guiding by Shyam. This guys is a true key to a succesfull trip. He knows pretty much everyone up there. And opens doors you would never walk through so wittness local life you would never see. Awesome bikerider and guide. And i know. I am in fact a trained certified guide with some 20 years of experience in guiding, so i know when i meet the true stuff. Will i go back ? You can bet you grandma im gonna go back !! “
– Henrik Moller (Loose Rider Chiang Mai, Thailand/ Denmark)


Big Mountain trails, Rich Culture, Deepest valley in the world, Apple capital of Mustang, Brandy, Kali Gandaki river, and much more. With routes and trails that interconnect through the remote countryside and numerous villages, local knowledge and pre-planned logistics are invaluable. We provide just that by offering a thrilling mountain biking experience and even make tailor-made trips for our customers. 

The spectacular landscape of Nepal makes it ideal for riding the flowy trails with amazing singletracks and the neighboring ancient villages. Some culturally rich places, the deepest valley in the world, and the highest mountain on Earth, our trips guarantee to leave you wanting to come back again.


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