Enduro Biking in Nepal leads you to pristine villages inhabited by diverse ethnic groups as you ride along the laps of arguably the most beautiful Himalayan range in the world. Thought Nepal is mostly popular for trekking and river rafting, in recent years, however, mountain biking has gained a strong hold as bikers get to experience the perfect blend of nature, culture and adrenaline.

Experience biking below two of the tallest Himalayan range of the world Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Dhaulagiri (both above 8,000m).


Upon arrival, our mountain biking guide will receive you at the airport and transfer you to Yellow House, Sanepa (THE YELLOW HOUSE). After building your bikes, we bike down to Patan for a bit of sightseeing followed by a beer in our favorite Bar and a welcome dinner in the evening.

After breakfast, we drive to Nagarkot 1900m which is about 35km from our hotel. There are 4 different stages which we will be biking today with vehicle support. Today, we will be biking some of the best single tracks through around Nagarkot. These trails are a mixture of single tracks and jeep tracks through the jungle. Famous RANGER trail will take your breath away. We will then bike our way to the bottom the hill for lunch.

Bhaktapur is the most original royal city in Nepal which is the historically authentic as it is literally a like a living museum. We settle down for lunch as we reach the Durbar Square followed by guided tour around the city. We drive back to Hotel Country Villa, Nagarkot.

The Eco trail is one of the best around Nagarkot. This was Special Stage 1 during Asian Enduro series 2016 – Nepal. Prepare yourself to handle steep stairs section, single tracks and a few challenging sections as we proceed. We pedal through a small village towards Jhuley 2200m. Enjoy packed lunch on top of the hill. Now, this will be a magnificent downhill which is almost 11km long (45 minutes).

We take a tour around Baudhanath Stupa after the ride and settle down for some snacks. We spend our night at The Yellow House, Sanepa.

We start our day quite early today as we have about 4 different stages to bike. Kakani stands at 2200m which is about 2 hour drive from Kathmandu. Hence, we have an early breakfast today. You will get a sight of Beautiful Himalayan Range, fresh air, Greenery and small villages upon arrival. We start our day with a half an hour climb to the top of the hill as warm up followed by amazing single tracks through the National Park. The trail comprises of smooth yet technical single tracks along the way. Make sure you are ready to react to the trails and even make a few jumps along the way. We will have 4 stages to bike today. Expect some easy pedaling on the jeep tracks with will act as liaison stages.

The ride will mostly be single tracks through the forest (National Park). After the third stage, we settle down for packed lunch by the water fall after which we head down to the base of the hill. We drive to Thamel today.

After breakfast, we drive to Pokhara via National highway 200km (6 hour). It is a beautiful drive by the river Rapti. Explore Pokhara in the evening.

Today, we have an early morning flight to Jomsom 2700m. We are flying into the moon! Make sure you have packed your bags well. Upon arrival in Jomsom, breakfast will be served. We bike to Kagbeni and acclimatize. Walk high, sleep low. Welcome to the moon!

Muktinath is a considered one of the holiest temples for the Hindus which stands at 3800m. Upon arrival in Muktinath, we tour the temple and head towards the famous Lubra Valley trail for some awesome descent down to Eklabhatti. We spend an overnight at the apple capital of Nepal, Marpha.

After breakfast, it is time to roll down the jeep tracks and single tracks to the natural hot springs, Tatopani. It will be windy and challenging yet fun. We will break for lunch at Kalopani Lete before we start our descent down through the woods in some of the finest single tracks down to Tatopani. In the evening, we dip in the natural hot water spring and enjoy the evening.

Upon arrival in Pokhara, we have the day to relax and do some other activities such as Paragliding or simply relax by the lake. Evening will be free for shopping.



Generally most adventures and trip to Nepal is based on a remote areas and high places where you cannot imagine staying in the very quality accommodation. We have different five star hotels available in the city area but during the trek we will be staying at tea houses and in camp. Local lodge better known as Tea house are simple but comfortable with the availability of all the features like toilets and washing facilities. Camping is generally made when we don’t have any hotels available to rest your weary trekking legs and relish the beauty of the country side in remote Nepal.


Nepal has huge coverage of verity in different foods. You will experience the vast array of wonderful foods found in the different destination. Your guide will help you with the menu selection and make sure that you get the best value meals possible. On every trip you will have a flexible opportunity to manage your budget and enjoy the test of large variety of dishes.

Altitude Sickness Info:

When you trek in the mountains there is high chance of getting altitude sickness. You better collect information about altitude sickness before you start trekking. High altitude sickness can happen to anybody – old or young, in a good shape or not. Being in hurry in the mountains of Nepal can be deadly. Your body can adjust to this altitude, but only if given enough time. You better carry a light weight because carrying a heavy pack can predispose some people to altitude illness. So we recommend you to give your loads to porters. If you find symptoms then you must descend down at any cost. The symptoms are totally different from one person to other. Sometimes you might feel headache, you may feel you need to throw up, your fingers may go slightly numb or you may start breathing heavy. If you have these kinds of symptoms you should stop at this height. Drinking lots of water can help you out. We highly recommend you not to take any pills to avoid headache or other illness because this has taken so many people to death.


We highly recommend you to get travel insurance before you travel with us. We require that to cover your medical expenses including emergency repatriation. This is policy which also covers your personal liability, cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects which is strongly recommended for you. You leader will need to see your evidence of your travel insurance and the insurance company’s emergency contact number before you join the group for your trip.


We recommend that you check your government’s advice for their latest travel information before you travel any of the places and make sure your travel insurance covers you for all areas your itinerary covers. You better keep your passport and money in the neck wallet or money belt when you travel for the safety of your passports, air tickets, and money. You don’t need your expensive jewelry to be with you on a travel so keep it at home. Your leader will accompany you on all the activities, however if you have an own interest on different activities on a leisure time you can pursue but remember this activities you undertake are not the part of our trip itinerary.

Responsible Travel:

We have an aim to connect people to people no matter from which place from you are. Exchanging culture and learning about each other’s tradition with the heart full of respects. It is important to remember that what may be acceptable behavior, dress and language in your own country, may not be appropriate in another.

You should be considerate of Nepal’s customs, traditions, religion and culture. It is better you dress modestly and respectfully especially when entering places of worship. You can bargain at market it is more fun when you put smiles on your face. You can learn some local language and don’t hesitate to use it. Simple greetings can make a huge difference. Buy locally made products which support local artisans and helps keep traditional crafts alive. We recommend you to ask and receive permission before you take picture of people including children.

Health and Safety:

We carry a first aid kit with the standard medicines prescribed by trekking doctors. We recommend you to consult your doctor at least 2 months prior to the beginning of your trip. We suggest protection against malaria, tetanus, typhoid etc. Acute mountain sickness is caused by going up high too fast and can be dangerous if all the warning signals are ignored. Altitude sickness has a potential to affect all the travelers from 2500m and higher. In case of serious sickness or a casualty, we will do everything to transfer you to nearest hospital. Regarding your safety the leader or your trip guide will be always around and will instruct you with every possible danger that can say hi to you on your adventure.

Group Leader and Crew:

We provide you a highly qualified and trained leader who can manage your trip to be more wonderful. In order to match your requirement the leader will be selected officially. The other crew member who seems very helpful and polite will be there at your service at anytime. However in tourism crew members and porters hopes for your kind tips at the end of the services so we would like to recommend you to put on some tips to appreciate amazing smiles and thanks.

Customized Trip:

All the itineraries for each trip should be taken as a guideline only. Depending on a prevailing situation, you can modify it to some extent after consulting with your leader of guide. However the date of trek completion should always coincide with the original itinerary.

You have to keep in mind that this is an adventure trip into a remotest mountain region, where many unexpected events may contribute to the need for a change in itinerary. In such cases, your guide or we will suggest the best alternatives to meet the similar activities to your original program.

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