Gnarly aspires to empower children and women in professional mountain biking, a growing area of the tourism sector. By integrating empowerment in our core business model and collaborating with several organizations, our professional team is committed to provide biking skills training to less privileged children and female riders. Moreover, internship and employment opportunities to deserving candidates at Gnarly further encourage trainees to pursue cycling seriously. Through such incentives, we hope to comprise our human capital entirely of the youth we train. Likewise, a certain portion of Gnarly’s profits goes towards Squadron, a training campaign for women and youth.

We organize training camps for schools, colleges, corporate houses and individuals, from beginners to advanced riders, through Squadron, our training program. Conducted by visiting professionals and developed in conjunction with mavericks like Seven Summit Women, these robust outdoors curriculum target school-level children and adults alike in cycling, trail running and climbing. Gnarly also plans to set up a training facility with basic cardio and weight equipment in Kathmandu, then eventually in higher altitudes for more rigorous training. Besides physical training, Gnarly also focuses on soft skills like languages, computer and public speaking. We want to give the youth an opportunity to engage in adventure activities so that those who are interested in this field can take it up as profession.

Every Squadron Ride sees more than 15 participants in each of our excursions. Everybody is welcome to join and depending on the riding level of the group, we choose the trails accordingly. The main idea behind this is to create a cycling community and give cyclists more confidence to ride confidently along trails and also in races. A major objective of this campaign is to get more ladies engaged in cycling and outdoors, which currently see only a handful of women professionally or even recreationally engaged.

For more information, visit Gnarly Squadron’s Facebook group.