The 7.9M earthquake that shook the nation in 2015 led to adverse repercussions on Nepal’s economy. Several trekking and biking trails were washed away and Nepal’s image as a travelling destination took a bad hit. At Gnarly, we have been working on ameliorating the situation and have actively contributed to spread the message that several months after the devastating quake Nepal is now safe and indeed needs tourists to sustain its economy. Millions of Nepalese people depend on the tourism sector directly or indirectly.

As such, our team contributes regularly to national and international media to promote travel destinations in Nepal. Through several trips we embark on, we portray the beauty that is Nepal through words and photographs. Till date, the travelogues and photo stories that we have worked on have been published in more than 11 media worldwide. We stand hopeful that the contributions that we’ve made have made impact, however small or big, in reintroducing Nepal to the world as a exotic destination.