Firmly rooted in its modus operandi of merging social and business models, Gnarly uses cycling as a vehicle to make a positive mark in the society. In our mission to create a thriving cycling community and bring about a social reform, we are committed to provide professional biking skills training to female cyclists and at-risk youth. Furthermore, internship and employment opportunities for deserving candidates at Gnarly and partnering bodies further encourages trainees to pursue cycling seriously. Likewise, a certain portion of Gnarly’s returns is allocated for financing training programs for the beneficiaries.

As a responsible mountain biking company intent to bring about this sustained and positive impact on a social level, Gnarly has devised four major working areas:

  • Events: Organize top-notch events to promote mountain biking and adventure sports
  • MTB Trips: Guide clients of all experience and biking skills to embark in biking journeys off the beaten track in the Himalayas
  • Squadron: Train to develop youth as professional mountain bikers

We are equally keen in promoting culture and local economies of communities we travel to, whether through providing part-time employment to locals or helping in preservation of the environment and cultural diversity with responsible practices. In doing so, we intend to not merely showcase the Himalayas as an ideal adventure and travel destination, but we strive to create a solid and positive social impact.